Paper Biodegradable Drinking Straws - 180 Pieces | Eco Friendly Regular Size Straw | Triple Layer Technology – Food Safe – Bleach Free | for Party Birthday Wedding Celebration & Decoration

  • £6.91

  • PREVENT TOOTH DECAY, STAINS & ACID/SUGAR EROSION (as recommended by dentists). By using our reusable silicone drinking straw, positioned towards the back of the mouth, it is possible to reduce the effects of coffee and tea stains & erosion of highly acidic or sugar added beverages, which can weaken tooth enamel, and contribute to taking care of your oral health.
  • NO MORE SOGGY STRAWS - Unlike inferior brands we use only highest quality materials. Our food grade, bleach free biodegradable paper straws are made with triple layer technology & are waxed so that they are firm and not soggy in your mouth. NOT SUITABLE for HOT DRINKS.
  • TASTE THE DRINK & NOT THE PAPER - Our biodegradable papers straws are waxed so you will only taste your drink without tasting the paper! Great for celebrations & decorations, engagement parties, baby showers, guests, graduations, weddings, christenings, nursery decorations, arts and crafts for adults, & Christmas parties. Keep them in all your bags. Use them next to your cocktail umbrellas. Recyclable pack.
  • SAVE YOURSELF FROM PLASTIC & CHEMICAL POLLUTION - Never buy disposable plastic straws again! Eco-Friendly compostable safe alternative to chemically washed bamboo straws, and steel straws. Cheaper alternatives may seep heavy metals & plastic chemicals if in contact with minerals of fruits & vegetables. Recyclable packaging.
  • KEEP YOUR CHILDREN & FAMILY SAFE - Our biodegradable paper straws with their standard size diameter - 0,50 CM - are best used by children to avoid cuts often caused by reusable, stainless steel, metal & hard plastic straws.