Reusable Silicone Straws For Drinking - 6 Standard Size Straws + 2 Stainless Steel Cleaning Brushes + 2 Felt Washable Sleeves

  • £9.97

  • PREVENT TOOTH DECAY, STAINS & ACID/SUGAR EROSION (as recommended by dentists). By using our reusable silicone drinking straw, positioned towards the back of the mouth, it is possible to reduce the effects of coffee and tea stains & erosion of highly acidic or sugar added beverages, which can weaken tooth enamel, and contribute to taking care of your oral health.

  • CHEW, BITE RESISTANT & FIRM - Unlike inferior Brands on Amazon, our standard width silicone straws - FDA/SGS approved - have thicker walls to resist kids' chews & bites and keep them firm - the straw will not collapse and close while you drink & will not float in your drink like cheap disposable straws.

  • SAVE YOURSELF FROM PLASTIC AND CHEMICAL POLLUTION - Never buy disposable straws again! Reusable silicone straws are an Eco-Friendly safe alternative to chemically washed bamboo straws, disposable plastic and steel straws. Cheaper alternatives may seep heavy metals & plastic chemicals if in contact with minerals of fruits & vegetables.

  • STAY ORGANISED - EASY TO CLEAN - Our reusable drinking silicone straws with portable case (21 cm / 7.35" tall) are easy to carry, quick to access, do not take up space and stay clean in their portable soft washable felt pouches. Not like enormous floppy tumbler straws. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

  • ALSO GREAT FOR PEOPLE WITH SENSORY SENSITIVITY & DISABILITIES - Our STANDARD WIDTH (0.5cm / 0.20" inner diameter) skinny soft & flexible silicone straws are well used by people with sensory sensitivity, such as Autism and disabilities such Parkinson's disease.  

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